Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Has anyone else noticed that the Atlantic blogs, "Of No Party Or Clique," are awfully, well, male? Perhaps the most qualified political bloggers are men, and affirmative action would mean lesser blogging. And after all, being a man does not imply membership in any party or clique. Fair is fair.

Of course, when Ross Douthat and Andrew Sullivan are debating circumcision, the lack of a female voice is especially apparent. Not because women have a different take on the matter, but because we, even the most staunchly heterosexual among us, are far less fascinated by male anatomy than are men, gay or straight. And is what Matthew Yglesias has to say about basketball inherently more worthwhile than what a female blogger has to say about fashion? (Sorry, men-who-like-fashion and women-who-like-sports for the generalization.)

I do not know who James Fallows and Marc Ambinder are, or what they blog about, but unless this is a George Sand situation, the point remains.

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