Friday, December 01, 2006

L'Academie Anglaise de Dunkin Donuts

There's a problem with the new Dunkin Donuts commercial. It begins with a sort of musical number, all these people are in a coffee bar, confused by all the many options. The song is something like "Chocamochalattacappo...Is it French or is it Italian, maybe it's Fretalian." Then the switch to showing someone drinking a Dunkin Donuts Latte, which, the commercial's voice-over assures us, you can order in English. I guess the point of this commercial is to emphasize the all-American down-to-earth blandness of the Dunkin brand, by purging the coffee vocabulary of all non-English words. But then what's Dunkin doing making a product called a latte?


Anonymous said...

Definitely one of the dummest (and that's saying something) commercials on the air. So Americans are unable to even attempt quasi-foreign words let alone learn other languages. Coupled with anti-immigrant, anti bi-lingual education politics this doesn't say much for our self-image. And just plain unfunny. Not an inducement for me to try Dunkin Donuts coffees. -- JM

Anonymous said...

What Dunkin' Donuts is doing is selling a beverage whose actual name is a word that has a dictionary definition meaning in small, medium and large sizes.

DD didn't make up a name in a butchered, phony mishmash of faux Eoropean languages to make pretenious wannabes happy about overpaying for the same free trade beans that are over-roasted. Yup, you have to overpay at SUX to be a branded corporate logo bearing sheeple.

Anonymous said...

"dummest"?! LOL I suppose we know who the domestic ignoramus is.

Many Americans can speak more than one REAL language fluently. Only the self-hating, small minded ones care about phony corpro-speak codes.

Have you been fitted with with your tracking device yet?

Anonymous said...

:\"dummest"?! ROFLMAO. Only stupid Americans hate other Americans.

Did SBUX fit you with your GPS tracking implant under the logo they branded on you yet?

Bet it's on your lower back, no?

Anonymous said...

"latte" is defined as an ENglish word in Websters. Not sure how long it has been, but it is indeed in common useage in English speaking nations, including the USA.

BTW--they don't say "latte" in Italy to order a coffee drink with milk. If you order "latte" there you get only milk.