Thursday, December 01, 2005

Life in Brooklyn

Nothing like coming home, thinking your building is on fire, realizing that, no, it was just a garbage can in front of your building that with the fire, which your roommate has already put out using a fire extinguisher, but which gets extra-extinguished by firemen, only to learn that perhaps the building would have burned down had it not been for your neighbor from down the street, who identified herself as the one with "the cat. On the leash." Leash-wearing cats are perhaps not so uncommon in the city, but I'm almost certain there's just one on my block.


joe said...

Huh, that's funny. I can relate. I came home today to find a police car in my driveway and when I opened the door, there was a policeman in my house talking to one of my roommates about one of my other roommates who was apparently arrested at gunpoint an hour or so earlier. I don't really know the whole story yet, I have to wait until he gets out of jail tomorrow for that. Plus, I wouldn't want to prejudice any potential jurors who might read WWPD. Life in Iowa City.

Saheli said...

I had a friend who came home to firemen taking down his door with an axe b/c his new roommate (not a friend) had decided to put a pizza in the oven and then go for a walk. So then not only did he have a defective oven and smoked out kitchen, he couldn't lock his door for days. That roommate didn't last too long.