Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Little boat

A fellow student of French Jewry alerted me to... I know I should finish this sentence with 'a conference' or 'an article.' While she has told me about such things as well, this time it was a Petit Bateau sample sale! Right between the subway I'd taken from campus and the supermarket on my way home! Think prices in dollars lower than the ones in euros in France. Think crazed French shoppers. I went as an antidote to an all-around unpleasant day, and the last thing I needed was a new stash of Petit Bateau t-shirts. That said, I didn't leave totally empty-handed - got a vaguely ballet-style pale pink t-shirt and a red nautical-striped shirt with side snaps (this, but not in the baby size pictured).

This got me thinking. Which careers make for the best fashion?

-Sailor, fisherman. Choose: horizontal stripes, chunky sweaters in neutral tones. Avoid: pants with that flap that buttons up the front, hats from either profession.

-Ballerina. Choose: ballet flats, wrap shirts/dresses in jersey material, in black or light pink. Avoid: leggings or tights as pants, leg-warmers, tight and painful hairstyles, stage makeup, excessive dieting.

-Equestrian. Choose: riding breeches (of course), belts, boots (as with ballet inspiration, footwear that's chic without the wobbling). Avoid: high-tech gear for actual riding, helmets-as-hats.

Am I missing any? Which careers make for the worst fashion inspiration?

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